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Prof. Giorgio Peretti Specialyst of Otorinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery



"Phonosurgery" is any surgical action aimed at optimizing a patient’s voice quality. In the treatment of benign lesions the preservation of the vocal ligament and the maximum amount of mucosa needed to cover the bleeding area is mandatory. Failure to comply with these two conditions may in fact generate scarring which in turn will likely affect the final result. In malignant lesions, phonosurgical treatment is aimed on the one hand at controlling the disease through radical surgery while on the other optimizing the functional outcome, which is only possible if great attention is paid to the laryngeal structures spared by the disease. Finally, voice quality improvements may be achieved in neurogenic lesions by changing the position, shape, and volume of the vocal cords. The choice between the available endoscopy-based and/or open surgery-based techniques aimed at correcting the cartilaginous framework should be based both on the disease’s characteristics and the patient's needs